We all know the standard things you can buy and sell on eBay; namely, clothes, books, and electronics. But did you know you can also sell things you probably have just lying around your house? Things you would usually trash or donate, without a single thought of their monetary value to someone else? Here are 8 things you probably have hanging around your house that could be earning you extra cash. You might not get rich, but why not turn trash into coffee money for the month?

Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls

Your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls…yep, the cardboard tubes left over when the roll is empty, are worth money. These are highly sought after in large numbers of crafts, so if you can stash them somewhere clean and dry, list them on eBay when you have a dozen or more. Some empty tubes are white and some are kraft colored…separate them for those who look for one or the other specifically.

You'll also want to sell just toilet paper tubes or just paper towel tubes instead of mixing the two together. These might take a bigger box to ship, but they are light, which helps keep shipping costs low. Just be sure to bag them in a large bag so they don't get wet in shipping, which renders them useful and misshapen, and will probably get you a negative review.

  • How to sell: Lot by color, size, and increments of a dozen
  • List Under: Crafts > Multi-purpose craft supplies
  • Prices: $15-30 for 100 with free shipping (on the higher side for paper towel tubes)

Empty Boxes and Bags

Believe it or not, empty boxes and shopping bags from certain designer and sought-after brands sell for a pretty penny on eBay. Of course, top-end designer brand boxes and bags, especially the Tiffany blue or iconic Hermes orange will fetch a decent amount and are light to ship. Just be sure you have a box big enough to ship your box or bag without creasing it or denting it, though most of these boxes are sturdy in and of themselves, which is why collectors like them for décor or to store pieces in.

Other popular brands include American Girl doll packaging, iPhone retail packaging, cigar boxes, and dust bags from any high-end shoe or handbag company such as Coach.

  • How to sell: Individually
  • List under:"Accessories" subcategory of type…jewelry, handbags, electronics
  • Prices: American Girl boxes $10-15 each in great shape; Tiffany sets of bags, boxes and pouches $15-50+

Box Tops for Education

If you don't have kids, or they don't go to a school that's big into collecting Box Tops for Education, you've probably been throwing away dozens of these little cardboard squares. The small 'stamps' come on name brand items such as cling wrap, granola bars, and cereal boxes, and are usually on the top, side or bottom of the box. If you purchase these name-brand items regularly, the box tops can add up quickly.

These do have expiration dates, though, so you'll want to be aware of those when you're saving up. You'll want to bundle these and put them up as an auction to get the most return. You'll also get a higher return if they are neatly trimmed instead of simply ripped from the cardboard. The good news is they take up pretty much no space to store, and are very light to ship.

  • How to Sell: Lot by the dozen or hundred
  • List under: ' Everything Else > Reward Points and Incentives'
  • Prices: about $10 per 100

Broken Kitchen Appliances

Chances are you've got a broken blender, food processor, juicer or coffee maker lurking in the depths of your cupboards or closets. Instead of trashing these, sell them for parts. Some items sell better as whole units 'for parts' and some sell better already parted. Popular items include blender and food processor blades, and just about any juicer part, including brushes, lids, gaskets, baskets, pulp collectors, juice collectors and food pushers.

If it comes apart from the juicer, someone is willing to pay for it. Prices vary by brand, size, and desirability, of course, but you can see double digits for some parts, which will get you well on your way to purchasing a replacement item for your own kitchen (from eBay, of course).

  • How to Sell: Whole unit as 'for parts' or individual parts
  • List under: Kitchen > Small Appliances > Type of Small Appliance > Accessories
  • Prices: Jack Lalanne juicer blade basket: $20, Tristar Fusion food pusher: $15, Nutribullet blade: $10

Colored Can Tabs

Believe it or not, colored can tabs are another sought-after craft item you're probably tossing into the recycling bin every day, especially if you drink energy drinks. While regular silver can tabs from soda and beer can sell in large lots, colored metal tabs are more desirable and sell in smaller quantities. Yellow, red, blue and purple are popular. If one of your favorite drinks happens to come with a colored tab, leave a bowl on the counter to collect them.

  • How to Sell: Lots of 100+
  • List under : Crafts > Multi-Purpose Craft Supplies > Crafting Pieces > Tin & Metal Pieces
  • Prices: $5-8 per 100 tabs

Incomplete Board Games

Incomplete board games might not be useful for your family, but chances are there is another family looking to complete their own set. Certain games and pieces are more sought-after than others. Metal Monopoly pieces are a clear winner, specialty timers and dies, as well as any specialty-themed board game pieces, such as those based on movies or characters. Vintage board game pieces are also worth looking up, too.

Don't forget the paper pieces; a lot of people prefer to use the original score sheets that came with a game or like to replace lost instructions.

  • How to Sell: Larger pieces individually; smaller pieces in lots
  • List under: Toys & Hobbies > Games > Game Pieces and Parts
  • Prices: $5-15 per piece or group of pieces

Starbucks Mugs

There are probably at least a few Starbucks mugs in the corners of your cabinets, and they could be worth money. Any mug or travel cup with a Starbucks logo is worth searching on eBay for comparable sales, but some are real jackpots. Special editions, such as their limited collaborations with Band of Outsiders or the You Are Here collection mugs, sell for $20 each or more. International mugs, such as the ban.do collection released in Thailand or those from Japan or Korea, also sell for higher price points if you're lucky to have some you've picked up on travels.

  • How to Sell: Individually
  • List under: Collectibles > Advertising > Food and Beverage > Starbucks
  • Prices: $20+

Adult Care Aids

Turns out there's a whole market for second-hand adult care aids. If you've been caring for an aging parent, you might have extras of these tucked around your house. Look for adult incontinence aids, dentures, denture cream, denture adhesive, new support stockings, knee braces, and wheel chair cushions. These items are very expensive to purchase new, and some items, such as Merck's Cushion Grip denture adhesive, are discontinued and highly sought after.

  • How to Sell: Individually
  • List under: Health & Beauty
  • Prices: Cushion Grip denture adhesive sells for$150-200 per new tube; new support stockings run around $35, and a knee brace will net you $35-45