Apogee's Jam originally hit the market back in 2011 in Apple stores worldwide as the very first HQ digital interface available for Mac and iOS devices. Since then, the company released the Jam 96k device which offered an upgrade to the original's sample rate and design, along with added Windows compatibility. Today, the company has announced the next addition to the Jam lineup: the Jam+, a high-quality USB instrument input and stereo output device designed for use with iOS, MacOS and Windows.

The Jam+ is a professional-level device which is now available at $159. While there are other guitar interfaces such as the iRig 2 which are much more affordable, they don't offer the high audio quality which you'll find with the Jam+. It's capable of working not just with guitar and bass, but also with keyboards, synths, dynamic microphones, and any acoustic instrument which has a pickup.

It offers 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution audio, just as the Jam 96k does, along with a built-in headphone jack for low-latency monitoring and Drive mode which will help your virtual amps and FX sound more true to life and realistic. Bias Jam FX software is included with its purchase too, which features three amps, six effects, and a variety of essential pedals to mix up your style.

The Jam+ hasn't been made available for purchase at Amazon or other retailers yet, though you can place your order for it via Apogee's website right now. Meanwhile, you can currently find the previous versions of the device (the Jam and the Jam 96k) discounted at Amazon while supplies last.

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