Update: The original deal has ended but you can still use the coupon code provided to save $100 off an Echo 2-pack.

Amazon has run a number of great deals on the Echo lately, and here we have another one. You can pick up a pair of Amazon Echo for just $159.98 at Amazon today with the coupon code ECHO2PACK, or you can grab one of them for $129.99. Normally, you'd be paying $179.99 for just one Echo, which means that you are saving $50 if you opt to go for just one, or a savings of $200 on the regular price of buying two Echos.

Obviously, the real deal here is on the two-pack, so whether you need two of them or not, it's the one you should buy. Whether you sell one to a friend for a few bucks, or give it away for a present, the second Echo for $30 is a no-brainer. Both the black and white versions of the speaker are available at the discount, and you can mix and match them as well.

As of right now, the black Echo is set to ship on August 11 and the white version will be available on August 13. Waiting a few weeks is well worth the additional savings you are getting here.

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