Amazon Prime is a popular subscription that many people already use on a regular basis but probably aren't taking full advantage of. You can get it for either $99 per year or $10.99 per month. If you have a .edu email address you can get it for $50 per year for four years. If you use Amazon to order items enough your Prime membership will save you money but it's significantly more worth it if you use other services that are available for no additional cost to Amazon Prime members.

Most know about the delivery perks that a subscription gets you but not everyone knows that there is a slew of other services and options available that they are already be paying for. Some of these might even be able to replace other subscriptions that you're already spending your hard-earned money on. In other cases, like video streaming, you may you Amazon services as an additional member of your streaming services library.

So instead of paying double by having two services do the same thing or not gaining the full benefits of a subscription you're already paying for, take a look at our tips to get the most out of your Amazon Prime membership. It's worth pointing out that while Amazon Prime memberships can be shared within a household, some of these services are only available to the original Amazon Prime member.

Get fast and free delivery

This is the most known benefit of an Amazon Prime membership but it's worth going over quickly. Being an Amazon Prime member gets you unlimited two-day delivery at no extra cost on a massive selection of products. If an item has an option for same day delivery you also can choose that at no extra cost. If you're in an eligible area you'll also have access to free two-hour delivery on daily essentials and groceries.

As mentioned earlier and throughout this article, if you use Amazon enough and want your items delivered quickly these benefits alone may be financially worth a membership.

Watch over 15,000 movies and TV episodes

There are so many video streaming services out there that it's hard to pick which one is best for you. Amazon Prime video has more than 15,000 movies and television episodes that you could be watching now without paying anything extra if you're already a Prime member. If you're well into the Amazon ecosystem and have a Kindle Fire you can download select content and watch it on the go without an internet connection.

In this day and age, many people already have a video streaming subscription but it's worth checking which content is available in your area on Amazon Prime Video because a lot of content is exclusively streamed through Amazon. Also, to compete with companies like HBO and Netflix, Amazon has original content. For example, if you're a dystopian fan or a historical fiction fan you'll want to check out the Emmy award-winning 'The Man in the High Castle.' Some other programs include Golden Globe-winning Transparent and Grand Tour.

Amazon also has a listing of all of its original content There's a wide variety of original content and exclusives going across many genres which you can watch from your browser or on a number of devices that connect to the internet including iPhones, tablets, Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Roku, and Smart TVs.

Listen to millions of songs

Amazon has two different music streaming services. The first is Prime Music. This has over two million songs and thousands of playlists and importantly is included with the price of an Amazon Prime membership. The free version doesn't have full access to the Amazon Music library but with over two million songs it might be enough to replace something like Spotify or another popular streaming service depending on your musical preferences. If you want some extra content and are willing to pay fees in addition to your Amazon Prime membership you can opt for Amazon Music Unlimited.

This has tens of millions of songs and what Amazon refers to as "expert-programmed playlists and stations." Amazon Music Unlimited has more of an emphasis on getting the latest popular music. If you're a prime member you can get it for $79 per year or $7.99 per month. There are also other options, including the Amazon Music Unlimited Echo plan for $3.99 per month though be aware that the Echo plan only covers one device. There's also the Amazon Music Unlimited Family play for $14.99 per month or $149 per year. The family plan gets you the same benefits Amazon Music Unlimited but for up to six family members.

Get unlimited cloud storage for your photos, plus some video

5GB isn't a massive amount of cloud storage space.

While there are plenty of free cloud storage providers, to get large amounts of space or unlimited access you'll have to pay a subscription fee, you can only refer so many friends to Dropbox after all. If you're an Amazon Prime member you're already paying that subscription fee to get other benefits but also have access to unlimited cloud storage for photos.

This photo storage can be shared with up to five family members through your family vault so you can all have access to shared photos. In addition to unlimited storage for photos, you also get 5GB of storage for videos and documents on Amazon Drive. Videos can take up storage space quickly but documents don't take up much room generally. 5GB isn't a massive amount of cloud storage space but it is enough for some good content, particularly if you're vigilant when it comes to the type of files you store on Amazon Drive.

Get 'Everyday Essential' groceries shipped for a flat rate

Online grocery shopping might not be able to fully replace going to the grocery store in person, that depends on your buying habits, but Amazon Prime members in the lower 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii are excluded) can have what Amazon refers to as 'everyday essentials' placed together in a box and then have that box shipped for a flat fee of $5.99.

Prime Pantry isn't just for light shopping.

Essentially, you select items that would fill up a box together such as cereal, snacks, drinks, household goods, and many other items, and then Amazon packages them together in one box and delivers them to you. The items that are available for Prime Pantry are marked so you'll have to look for their eligibility as you shop.

This can ease the load you need to pickup from your in person grocery shopping as there are a very large number of items that are part of Prime Pantry. Prime Pantry isn't just for light shopping. Boxes can hold up to 45 pounds of essentials.

Read over a thousand books

Amazon has decades of experience when it comes to books and they offer benefits to readers who are Prime members. You get access to over a thousand books, magazines, books with Audible narration, comics, Kindle Singles, and other content and can read that content as much as you'd like on any device that has the appropriate app.

Listen to content through Audible

Another type of content Amazon Prime members get is read text through Audible. The types of content you can listen to includes news, comedy shows, articles, and talks. You can get playlists that are designed for specific interests to help you hear the type of content you want to listen to.

Get gaming benefits through Twitch

Some people may not know that Twitch is owned by Amazon. Twitch is one of the most popular and watched video game streaming networks on the planet. When you have an Amazon Prime membership you get access to Twitch Prime which lets you watch all of your favorite streams without any ads.

Additionally, you'll get discounts on new releases and physical copies of video games. Twitch Prime also includes access to skins, vehicles, and boosts for the top game on Twitch as well as full indie games among other benefits as outlined on Amazon's information page on Prime benefits.

Be the first to get access to some Lightning Deals

Amazon deals come and go and sometimes you want to jump on a new deal right away. Amazon Prime members get access to some Lightning Deals thirty minutes early to help you swoop in on a bargain before anyone else.

Wrapping things up

Ultimately the value of an Amazon Prime membership varies greatly on how many of the included services you use. If you're only subscribing to get shipping benefits for your orders it's worth a lot less than if you take full advantage and use your membership to stream videos, music, watch video games without ads, store photos, and videos, read digital books and content, listen to more content, and order groceries.

If you do enough online shopping a Prime membership is worth it financially but since you pay the same amount regardless of if you use the other services and options you might as well take a look at everything Amazon has to offer its Prime members.

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