Looking for a more relaxing and natural way to wake up than setting a loud alarm on your phone? If so, you may want to grab a sunrise wake-up light to help you out. Right now you can pick one up from Vansky for just $20.15 at Amazon when you use coupon code SXJIFYAA.

This is a savings of $5 from its regular price, and over $100 cheaper than the one Philips offers.

  • Easy To Set Up -- Vansky Wake-Up Light is easy to set the alarm clock or wake up time with the instructions. Touch Control and It adds new Sunset and Snooze Function.
  • Simulated Sunrise Wake-Up Light: Select the time you want to wake up. Lights up 30 minutes before your alarm time, gradually brighten from 1% of brightness to 100% and gently bring you out of a deep sleep. At the alarm time, the alarm sound will play for 2 minutes, Press button "SNOOZE" enter the snooze mode, the wake-up sound will play again after 5 minutes and last 2 minutes.
  • 6 Natural Sounds & FM Radio -- 6 natural sounds such as pure music, birds, waves, forest, beeping and so on, which let you revel in the sounds and smells of nature. As well as 1 FM radio. You can choose your favorite sound.
  • 11 Selectable Light Brightness & 7 Color Light -- It can act as an atmosphere lamp by selecting 7 colors (Warm White, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Indigo for your preferences. Or work as a table lamp with 11 brightness settings in the warm light mode to protecting your eyes from hurting.

You can power the light through a USB cable or AAA batteries, so you'll be able to place it just about anywhere. Stop waking up without one, and get your order in today!

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