Update: This deal has expired at Best Buy, but you can still grab one from Micro Center for $66.

Best Buy has a WD 1TB internal hard drive for $64.99. It normally sells for $80, which is what it's going for at other retailers like B&H.

If you happen to be one of the lucky few who lives near a Micro Center, you could get it for $60, but you'll add a minimum of $6 to your shipping from them where you can get free, and faster, shipping from Best Buy.

If you're already set with a speedy SSD, this 1TB drive would be a great storage supplement for any desktop computer. The 7200 rpm make it a little speedier than standard drives, so the response is a bit faster. It's also designed to reduce incoming vibrations, so it sits nicely in a powerful machine.

The drive works with PC and Mac, depending on your needs.

The hard drive has 4.6 stars based on 84 user reviews.

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