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Is this deal for me?

Best Buy has the Dyson V6 Cordless Hand Vac on sale for $179.99. This vacuum is currently selling for $249 from other rated merchants.

Many households have hopped on the no-carpet bandwagon. I joined this trend because my toddler at the time loved to spill everything she drank or ate onto the carpet. It was almost like a fun game to her. Since I ripped up my carpet and replaced it with that fake wood, (someday it will be real...maybe) I barely use a vacuum anymore. I sweep and Swiffer now.

I love hand vacs because they are bagless, portable and lightweight. I was so sick of carrying my heavy vacuum cleaner out just to do a 5 second clean of my throw rugs. With a handheld vac I can clean hard to reach areas without a problem, clean my mattresses, and get my small rugs done quickly. I also save room in my closet.

Dyson's cyclonic technology separates dirt from the air to provide strong suction power at all times. This vac comes with a powerful motorized mattress tool that will agitate and clean mattress fibers. It also has a soft dusting brush for upholstery and delicate surfaces.

Turn on the max power mode for more difficult jobs, which will use up to 6 minutes of higher suction. The battery provides up to 20 minutes of cleaning time, and the run-time enhancing trigger releases instantly so you'll only use battery power for vacuuming.


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - This Dyson has made quite the impression on Best Buy consumers, scoring a 4.5 star rating.
  • Things to know before you buy! - You can not only use this handheld vac for areas around your house, you can use it to clean your car as well.

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